Hyla versicolor / Hyla chrysoscelis (complex)… new froglets!

here are a few shots of the Hyla versicolor / Hyla chrysoscelis (complex) morphlets… acquired these guys on July the 9th, 2008… they were collected from a sight in SC as tads, and morphed in captivity to the best of my knowledge. there are three in my possession at this time, perhaps another three to follow (replacements for missing or deceaced frog via improper shipping technique.)

the following three pictures of the morphlets were taken by my friend, Ryan, on July 13th, 2008. it must be nice to have a decent macro lens… bastard! ha ha! just kidding, Ryan… the shots are phenomenal, as is all of your work….

there will be follow-up photographs, etc… as i’d like this to eventually manifest itself into a photojournal of sorts…. i’d like to document their entire lives here. i need to collect more detailed data on their development anyway, lol… oh, by the way…. enjoy!!

was able to snap up a few fairly decent shots this morning ( July, 28th, 2008 ) of the little ones…. they’re certainly starting to more closely resemble adults… they’re develping rapidly… and they are quite the lookers, in my opinion.

an interesting side note: before the little guy in the picture below jumped to it’s current perch, it was perched towards the camera on the light gray “dead tree” (the light gray blob at the bottom of the picture) which is the centerpiece of their enclosure… lol, the little guy was washed-out in a “white-ish” light gray to blend in, and after only about 2 seconds after having jumped from the tree to the leaves, it’s completely changed it’s color to be more suitable… you can actually see the color change, and it’s phenomenal…. they’re certainly the chameleons of North American hylids…

and, a few more shots…

and, lastly… even though none of these photos are very good ones, i still really like the look i’m getting from this little creature. if looks could kill, lol….

i’ll try and get some better shots soon….


~ by theboardedwindow on July 27, 2008.

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